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Dryer Balls for Cancer Fighters

Dryer Balls for Cancer Fighters

$ 4.00
WOW, thank you so much for coming over to donate wool dryer balls to fellow cancer fighters. As you may have read this is a new mission that is very dear to our hearts here.

With this new mission as of January 1, 2015, I am personally donating 1 dryer ball for every 4 dryer balls that are sold here here on our entire website and here on this page you can donate too!

You can add one (or more) of these donation's to your order and every time we get to 4 dryer balls a cancer fighter that has submitted their name will receive a completely free 4 pack of undyed/unscented wool dryer balls, lots of love and lots of prayers too.

To submit a name to receive wool dryer balls click here.

**Please note** Purchasing a dryer ball through this link is only donating a free dryer ball to a cancer patient that has submitted their name to us. You will not be receiving anything from us from this product link (unless we are running a special or promotion that involves this link), but you will be giving the gift of clean healthy laundry to someone fighting cancer, and that's huge! You may add one or more of these donated dryer balls to your existing order or create a new order just for one. Either way you are giving a gift that will mean so much to someone fighting so hard. If you purchase 4 dryer balls for yourself on our website that's 1 ball already.. purchase another through this link and you've personally donated 2 dryer balls to someone. How awesome! <3

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