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As some of you know I began my battle with cancer in October 2014. It has been a short, but what seems like long battle already. I'm finally feeling strong enough to begin blogging my journey, but in the mean time I wanted to share with you something brand new and very close to my heart.

When you are battling cancer, your mind quickly begins to think about your body. What to do to protect it, what to do to keep it healthy, what to do to keep it fighting this darkness and bring you back to health again. One less chemical, one less thing for you to have to fight off is a huge plus. I began really focusing on these things in my own home and replacing them one product at a time as we've run out. Then it hit me.. whoa.. I make one of those products!

Now I would like to offer FREE wool dryer balls to fellow cancer fighters. Please submit your name, or that of a fellow fighter below and they will receive a 4 pack of undyed/unscented wool dryer balls and all of the love and prayers that I can send along with the package, completely free of charge.

All I ask is you be honest with your submissions and to pay it forward and share this new mission with others. Let's build healthy homes, get rid of toxins that our bodies don't need and help build up those of us that are fighting so hard for our lives. A package of fun mail, a smile and a healthy load of laundry.

As of January 1, 2015 for every 4 dryer balls that are sold I will personally donate 1 dryer ball to this cause. You may also donate directly to the cause by purchasing dryer balls for these fighters at a discounted rate by clicking here.

Please e-mail me at with the name and information for a fellow fighter that I can share a blessing with. 

Thank you for the love and the support! <3 Melinda


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