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A time for change...


Well, it's time for my famliy to move. We are moving from San Antonio to a small town in south central Tennessee. Things have been tough here in TX, as they are for so many family's in the country right now and we have an opportunity to make a change and get off on the right foot so we are doing it. We are going to live with my Mom for a few months and take a little bit of breathing room and then we are going to get our own house. My Mom lives out on 60 acres and there is plenty of room in the house so we are really looking forward to it. I feel like I have just had to time or room to breathe here lately and something had to go. This is also a very difficult move for my family to make as we are leaving my step son here in Texas with his Mom. This is tearing Chris apart as expected. He is the best father in the world, part of what made me fall in love with him, and he is really hurting right now. I know what he is going through though, my Dad moved from FL to TX when I was 10 so I at least know what it is like to be on the other side of this situation and I know that this is the hardest part of it all. Once we get there and things settle down for us I know it will be better, Ryan can come and visit us anytime he wants to and hopefully he will spend his school breaks with us. I know he will love being out in the country too, he is the kind of kid that will run around and play outside until he passes out. I am also leaving my Dad... again. And this broke his heart. I hate more than anything that I had to do this to him again. I know he loves me and the kids more than anything in life and he would do anything for us to stay, I just wish that everyone didn't have to live so far away. Yes, we probably wouldn't be moving if it wasn't for money, but maybe this happened for a reason, maybe we are supposed to be there, I just don't know. I don't know how long we are staying either, I lived there for 9 months a few years ago and I came back, so you just never know. I just hope that he is OK and knows just how much it broke my heart to dissapoint him and leave again, I don't want to feel like I am taking the kids away from him and taking his chance to watch them grow up away, it breaks my heart... literally.

On a positive note a move means, Chris will have a new job, hopefully it will be one that will be less stressful on him, I wish more than anything that he could just go to work and come home and not stress about his jobs that he is doing. This move will mean we are closer to my family again, my Mom, my Grandma, My Aunt, Uncle, Cousins and sister are all there in TN. They have all only seen Jake once so it will be so nice for him to grow up close to his family that is very close. I can't wait to have people come over just to come over, and hang out just to hang out, let's go thrift shopping, let's go walk around the mall, let's go to a craft fair or an art show, let's have dinner together that's the kind of family we are. This move means I will have a storefront for my business, Mom and I remodled an old building a few years ago out there and it isn't really being used, my Mom still does massages there every once and awhile and my Grandma has all of her nic nacks for sale in there, but I will finally have a place to make my products and sell them too. I am planning on filling it with all kinds of WAHM products, I would love to have a place where they can all sell their stuff, who doesn't like something that is handmade and carefully crafted?

A fresh start is always a good thing, change is always a good thing so we are doing it and hopefully my blog in a year will be one of positive changes that took place in our lives and happiness and prosperity because we need it. We need to be able to breathe, we need to be Chris and Melinda, not just Mommy and Daddy, we need to be happy and enjoy each other and not be so consumed with money and work that we can't see our way out of that fog, we need support from our family and a hug to tell us it is going to be OK, we need laughter, smiles, family, love, support, encouragement, and room to become the Ralls Family.

So send us all of your prayers for a safe and less stressful move.


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