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WOW, long time no write!

catching up

I know I know, it has been way too long since I've written. I hope that goes to show just how busy life has been. I promise I will get better. I think. LOL.

Well, we made the move, we are living in Tennessee, and although I hate the cold weather here right now, this state has one of the prettiest Springs I've ever seen, so it is well worth the wait. I think we've got about 3 more months until it is warm for good. Or so the locals tell me.

Business is good, sales were phenominal in November, WOW! Everyone really kept me on my toes! Things slowed down for December, but they seem to finally be looking up again. I have a few new things I am doing, including painting and dying prefolds, which I really enjoy, doing paintings on canvas again, a few new products like some Bumm bumm boo boo spray, which is great for rashes, will not stain your diapers and heals a bumm like there is no tomorrow, along with bumps, bruises and burns that we all get. Well actually I think I am the one in my house that uses this spray more than anyone else. I always seem to be burning myself or hurting myself somehow. I have also welcomed a few new WAHM's to my site since I last wrote too. Kim owns All Things Cloth and she makes some awesome cloth products like mama pads, swiffer pads, family cloth, baby cloth wipes, all kinds of things! Jessica owns Babypants Creations and makes some great diapers, including her FIT or fitted in two diaper, which is a fitted with a snap in soaker. She sent me a minkee pink one that was to die for and if I could have gotten away with Jake wearing it I would have kept it! LOL. I also have a few things on the site that my Mom and my daughter Kya have made. I have another Mama Karen that will be joining us very soon and we are really excited to add her to our site!

I've toyed around with a few different things like Buddha Boxes, which are a collaboration of all of the WAHM's on my site and I put togther in affordable packages. It is so much fun to get to 'play' with all of the great items I get and I really hope that those catch on. They are mostly listed on the congo and on Diaperswappers, so check them out there.

Jake is doing great, he had a wonderful birthday back in December, even though he was deathly afraid of Tickle Me Elmo when he stood up and started moving around, he is used to him now. He loves to talk on the phone and play with his cars and carry his wobbie around. He still isn't sleeping through the night, but we can live with it, I just think of it as he loves his Mommy and Daddy so much he has to see us all night long too. LOL.

Kya is just as wonderful as she can be, she got straight A's on her report card, she is in Girl Scouts and 4H and loving school and her friends. Oh and already asking about her birthday next month. LOL.

Chris and I are just making it through, he is back at work and doing great getting into the swing of things working in Nashville most of the time and I am just here at home, trying to hold down the fort as usual. Jake and I joined a playgroup out of Huntsville so we get to go and do that about once a week and besides that it is just too dang cold outside for my taste so we hang out at home. We are really looking forward to it warming up so we can get outside and play again.

Well, that was just a quick update, I promise I will get better! Till next time!

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