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Favorite Things #1

Here are some of my tried and true, most favorite things, things for baby, things for Mommy, things for life... links, idea's and more.

I recently discovered Arbonne Bronzing Powder... now I am normally not into this kind of thing, but while working at the spa the other day I put some on while messing around and WOW... huge difference, gives you that just out of the sun look, makes you have instant color and not look washed out. You wanna know my secret in the picture above... you got it!

Our favorite diapers right now are made by Potbellied Pig Designs, she has great fabric choices, and they are so cute and fit Jake's little fluffy bun just right!

Classy Kid Inc, Earth Friendly Green and Clean Write on Wrap Around Placemats, they are great, don't slide around, keep his food off of the table (but not off of the floor) and comes with great triangle shaped crayons that will not roll off of the table. Made with 80% chalk! They have stickers that you pull off and stick it to the table, keeps him busy and less clean up for us... and the waiter!

Chris's new shotgun... yeah, I have to admit, I feel safer now, even if it was just holding it unloaded, there is nothing like that click click to scare someone away! LOL.

Daffodils... they are everywhere and I have fresh flowers in the house all of the time now!

Our Mei Tai, we love our Mei Tai from Nurtured Little One, it holds Jake comfortably and safely on my front, back or side. I can get things done without having to pull him off of me and before he could walk it was nice to have him with me all of the time. Very good craftsman ship and beautiful fabric choices! And she is in San Antonio!

We also love our Moby Wrap, although we don't use it much now that he is bigger our Moby Wrap got a lot of use when Jake was tiny. He would snuggle in it all day if I let him, I never felt like he was going to fall out, he just stayed nice and comfy all day long. Something we are saving for sure! It takes a few times to get used to wrapping it, but after that you are a pro in no time. And the price is just right!

Jake's new sippy. He loves this thing, I mean really... he wants to sleep with it at night, along with his 2 woobies. Silly boy. I could swear that this is a magic cup or something as soon as he got it he literally stopped taking bottles... I kid you not, has not had a bottle since I gave him this cup... weird huh? The only downside is that it is not very big so I have to refill it a lot, but I don't care as long as it is not a bottle! We got it at The Disney Store at the mall, but they also sell them online.

Hallmark... man they have some really good after holiday sales! Anyone ever go in there after a big holiday and get stuff for next year? Shoot, they have things in there that you can use now. Note cards for $1, Yankee candles for $1... all of the holiday stuff for 75% off. Nice! I got a lot of stuff last time I went, frames, candles, note cards, cd... all for under $20! Don't believe me? Take a look.

And now for some websites...

I love Hyena Cart, filled with lots of work at home Mom goodies and not just cloth diapers! Of course I am partial to Aardvarks In Argyle congo.

Angel Food Ministry... good people helping out those in need, without a credit or income limitations... click here to see if they are in your area.

Flying Monkey Arts... very cool talented people here in Huntsville, Alabama.

Fly Lady... need some help getting your house organized and clean... sign up with her and let them help you! Of course you still have to do the work yourself, but who doesn't need an extra push.

Some yummy organic food, delivered right to your house!

Roots and Shoots, more people trying to do a good thing for our world., this is where I've found the most friends in all of the new places we've lived. Lots of great groups, I am sure you will find one you like!

Need more information and advise on wearing your baby? Check out this site, a message board filled with tons of information and parents just like you! They even have a for sale or trade forum where you can buy a new to you carrier or sell one that just doesn't work for you and your baby.

Give to charity just by searching the internet... check out Good Search.

Diaper Jungle... lots of wonderful, very valueable cloth diaper information! I use it all of the time!

V&M Wood Factree... this guy makes some great, and very affordable wooden cars and trucks!

Allegiant Air... WOW, some cheap flights on this airline. Althought not to many of the 'big' airports, who cars for $9 a flight!!??!!

Hmmm... cooking just once a month... I wanna try, check out this site and see what you think!

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