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This is from my sister...

Tonight at work i got a call from my mom, i should have realized it was something serious by the tone of her voice sounded exactly like that phone call i made at 2 in the morning informing her that, i, her daughter of sixteen had just flipped our vehicle. But this time it was my sister, my sister had just faced death not only her but her future husband, her beautiful daughter, and her two year old son, whos life has yet to begun. Almost took their last breathe tonight. YOU DO NOT know how hard it is to think that you came so close to never being able to speak to the ones you love ever again.
To never see that young grin,
to see those gorgeous red locks of hair.
To never get those incouraging talks,
to never be able to ask for advice again.
To never get the chance to show you can be a great aunt
and to be that role model
to not be able to run 2 houses down just to play rockband
to not be able to decorate cookies
or be able to look at those new batch of dryer balls.
not being able to hear you tell me i should curl my hair and not straighten it
not being able to walk into the door and hear chris call me dipshit (btw its a joke you would have to know
not being able to look into your eyes ever again would be the day i truly lost it all.
it scares me to death, where i am in shock, i have racing thoughts and i cant get the fact out of my head that you are alright and nothing drastic had happened not a scratch on the car and that my sister, my brother in law, my niece and my nephew almost died tonight. I cant stop crying i dont know what to do i cant sleep and i wont be able to rest until i see their faces again knowing their okay is not enough, i want to see them.I dont know what i would do if i had lost them tonight, i really dont and i dont want to think of what i would have done or the fact of wehat i would have done to the person if knowing who had injured them. im telling you i would probably be sitting somewhere other than my home that night. I dont know why the person who had ran them off the road had been doing to get thereselfs in that position, but whatever the matter may have been, i hope they never rest knowing the fact they almost took 4 lives tonight,four lives that if they had taken i would have gone unbelievably histerical. I love you all and i am so sorry i didnt take into concideration how serious it was when i got the call from mom but I love you guys so much you have no clue you really dont have the slightest idea, i cant even see what im typing my eyes are all cloudy. I thank God that he gave you my guardian angel tonight, because you all are truly a miracle.
chistopher raaaaallllss
j rall
kya so

the keys to my heart.

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