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Finally done!

We are finally done with fire school! YEAH YEAH YEAH!!! We have been officially on the fire department, but not state licensed and certified... until today! Today was a day with all hands on... I had to put all of my gear on (including air pack) in 2 minutes, we had to go through a maze blind folded (had to breach through a wall and squeeze through a tunnel on our bellies and then through a 16" opening with air pack on), then we had to practice with ladders taking them off of the truck, then we had to climb up a 24 foot ladder and hook our legs in and lean backwards, then he had a few hours of hose practice.

OMG... I am sooooo freaking tired! Now we are done until April when we have 3 days of live burn at the state academy. Ugh... I am most not looking forward to leaving Jake for that long. :(

Now I have some steak and Hershey Pie calling my name! I think I have earned it today!

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