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Our pets...

Here in the Ralls home we finally have some pets!
The first is our puppy Camo... she is a Lab/Catahoula mix and she is the best! Yes, she climbs on the couch all muddy (see picture below), but she is the best dog. We thought we were going to loose her yesterday because she ran out into the road and ran into a truck... my Mom's truck (sorry Mom)... and we couldn't find her, but low and behold about an hour later she was sitting in our back yard safe and sound. But I wanted to make sure (even though she can't read) that I publicly announce that we love you Camo and we all would have been heartbroken if you were gone.

The second is Kya's Sea Monkey's... they are about 3 weeks old now and I even see a little baby in there today. Yes, we have lost many on the way already, but we have 4 'adults' and one baby going strong.

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