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New adventures in GREEN..

composting garbage green vermiposting worms

So on the Buddha Bunz Facebook page on St. Patricks DayI decided to ask everyone what green things they do and in turn send everyone that shared got a 20% off coupon code. I love hearing all of the ways my friends are going green and the neat things they are doing for the environment! A few mentioned composting... well now.. there's something I never even though of doing and I have ever reason to do so.. I live out in the country.. have land.. have a garden.. and have garbage!

So this weekend we are setting up our composting system! I have decided to do a DIY small composter in the kitchen for every day scraps like this one.. I was going to pay upwards of $20+ for one.. but thought.. I have to be able to make one myself and repurpose something! We are also going to start vermiposting, which is basically composing with worms.. and I am going to get supplies today to make something like this.. and for out in the yard hubby (err sorry FUTURE hubby) is going to build something like this..

I have never been so excited about our garbage.. I swear the little things that get me excited these days!

Anyone else out there an avid composter? Anyone else want to start this adventure with me?

I'll post pics as we go along I'm sure!

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