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Jacob Michael Owens..

Jacob Michael Owens isn't someone you probably know.. he wasn't even someone I really knew.. he was just a 14 year old boy.. a football player that my daughter cheered for.. heck a football player we ALL here in Blanche remember cheering for last season.. the tallest kid in the class.. the kid that had a blast at the Valentines Dance in February.. secretly a kid that I thought.. hmm.. in 10 years he would make pretty grandbabies (LOL don't tell my daughter I said that).. a freshman.. a friend.. and a son, but he is someone I will never forget for the rest of my life.

Jacob was in a bad car wreck that I responded to last month where he sustained severe brain damage, he remained at Vanderbilt until last week when after all attempts the doctors just couldn't do anything more to help Jacob. He was breathing on his own and healing from his injuries, but he still had no brain activity. They sent Jacob home last week to be with his family and the Lord called him home with him early this morning. In a way I am relieved that this is over and we can all put our hearts at rest, but I have to admit.. at the same time I just want to scream NOOOO.. this can't be over.. I wanted to bad to see him out on that football field again.. I wanted to bad to be that crazy lady that runs up to him and gives him the biggest hug of his life and he has no clue who I am.

I have had patients pass away before, I have done CPR, responded to DOA's and responded to calls that I knew the person would later pass at the hospital.. but never a child.. never someone my daughter and all of her friends knew.. never someone that I felt his warm skin and held his hands on the scene.. someone I begged.. hang in there Jacob please hang in there.. look at me.. please open your eyes and look at me. I knew it would come one day and I knew it would be hard.. but nothing still ever prepares you for what it feels like to loose a battle and have so much hope.

I love my job as a firefighter.. that I was on this scene and I know that we did everything we possibly could to save his life and give him the best chance possible and I have peace with that. And I am happy to know that now Jacob is at peace.

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