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You know you are either crafty... or getting old when...

you get a sewing machine for Christmas... I like to think I am part of the first one... I am extremely crafty, in fact I've started to make a living off of being crafty. Now if I could just work on that schedule and procrastinating thing I might actually be able to make more stuff than just dryer balls, but hey... I am proud I got the sewing machine out of the box and actually threaded it right the first time (I probably just jinxed myself and now something will go wrong with it).
So I got one of Chris's old t-shirts out of the closet and went to town cutting it up and practicing... here is my first attempt...
I like to call it a scissors sleeve... nice huh? LMAO... purely accidental.
My second was just practicing with a few of the different stitches, I thought it was fun!
And lastly I made a bag for Chris to put his new SCBA mask in... complete with drawstring... all e it kind of wonky.
Then I sewed 2 holes in 2 shirts for Chris, and a pair of jeans for Kya... I feel accomplished! ;)

Then there is my other side... the tough Melinda, we got a call this morning for an accident with injuries vehicle verses horse... and I pulled up to this...

There was a dead horse, but luckily not because someone it it, it had been there for awhile already. But not so lucky for the driver of this car, he must have been distracted by the dead horse laying next to the road and he ran off of the road and hit a tree. The drivers side tire completely broke off and flew at least 100 feet and the car is totalled. As for the driver, he was banged up pretty bad and kept passing out on us, but he should be OK.


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