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The scariest day of my life.

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Monday, April 28th was the scariest day of my life. The day started off as normal, got Jake and Kya off to school, came home, breakfast for the little and working on emails. 

Then I got the text that would forever make me appreciate every smile, every hug and every single time I see my children safe and sound.

Not that I didn't appreciate them before this, but when someone brings an AK47 into your child's school, you'll never ever feel the same about sending them off to school in the morning. 

Just the week before this a threat had been e-mailed to the local school district next to us. No one ever told us what the threat was, who it was from or what to look out for, but it was all over the news.. and parents were scared! Over half of the children did not attend school the day the person had threatened to act (Thursday April 24th). I still sent my children to school.. thinking to myself.. ahhh this will never happen here, even if it did it wont ever be at my kids school's. They're safe. There are lots of police and I trust the school to keep my children safe. 

Fast forward to Monday and this happened.. 

The next day it felt like it all started again.. another lockdown. This time Kya was not aware because she had been in soccer class when it happened.  

This continued all week long, text threats, e-mail threats, threats coming from the boy who was arrested while he was in jail. I have never been so happy to have my babies come home from school every afternoon than I have been since this week. I have never been so scared, I have never prayed so hard, I have never come so close to loosing something so precious to me before.

We were very lucky and the boy at Madison High School did not get a chance to fire his weapons, but we came so, so close and I thank God every day for one more chance to tell my little's just how much I love them. 

If you are interested here are a few of the news stories from that week.

Hug your babies tight!

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