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Strep and sinus infections stink!

BOOO... Mama is sick! So is Daddy too. We have had some kind of cold since last week and thought we were getting better and started feeling worse yesterday. So last night we sucked it up and went to the walk in clinic together. Turns out that we both have sinus infections and I might have strep. Boo! My sister has strep too so I am pretty sure I have it because my throat is just not right. But, the doc gave us both a Z Pack so we are on the road to healthy again! I think I got the sinus infection because I am terrible at blowing my nose, I hate it... no really, I hate it. So I am one of those snot sucker-inners, I know gross, but that is probably why I now have a sinus infection. Jake and Kya had the same cold, but Jake just let's his run out on his face... LOL, and Kya was already on antibiotics for a soar tooth. Chris is great at blowing his nose, so good he almost makes himself throw up sometimes from coughing and blowing so hard. YUCK! But he is very prone to getting sinus infections... so I am going to get him a netty pot or a Nasopure when I go and see the Herbalist this Thursday.

I hope everyone else is feeling well... go away germies!

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