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OK so I started another blog...

Hi All,
So I was thinking about it today and I decided to start another blog... don't really know why, I am sure the only person that will actually read it is my Mamma. Haha. Ahh well. This is just mainly a place I wanted to update everyone about the kids, business and other junk that I decide to put on here from day to day. **Warning... it will be random at times**

So here we are, everything is going good here in San Antonio, I am switching over my website hosting companies to someone that is better and cheaper so my site will be down for probably about a week or so, but it will be the same, you can still view some of my products and those of some other great work at home Moms at

Jake is starting to walk and can actually walk about 5 or more feet now!! I can't believe it! He is turning out to be just like his big sissy. Aren't they supposed to be opposites? I thought for sure that he would be a problem child, wouldn't walk until he was 2, wouldn't sleep and would be a terror, but nope, he is a wonderful baby. Very happy and content... most of the time, unless he is hungry or tired or you have food because he has to have a bite of whatever it is that you are eating, even if he doesn't like it. Ohh and he will be 9 months old tomorrow!! 3 more months until he turns 1, I can't believe it!!! And he has a girlfriend already, her name is Ashlyn and she is sooo beautiful!

Kya just started the 4th grade. I can't believe it! I remember when I was in the 4th grade... I threw up in class... nice huh? OK, that's not the only thing that I remember, but for some reason when I think of the 4th grade that is the 1st thing that comes to mind. I guess the 2nd thing that comes to mind is the quote that my teacher etched into each of our minds... forever... 'A mind is a terrible thing to waste'. I'll never forget it Mrs. Singleterry, thanks... I may not spell well or be good at math, but I'll remember that. Oh right, this was about Kya, not me. She made it in to the enriched math class. There are about 140 kids in the 4th grade and they gave each of them a test and put the top 40 in one of two enriched math class. Kya thinks it is totally cool, too bad she doesn't understand that it just means that she is going to have more homework and higher expectations. And for me it means more homework that I don't understand.

Chris is wonderful, he is starting up his own business too, he owns a company called LBI Emergency Vehicle Outfitters, he sells and installs police lights, emergency and warning lights and equipment on cars. It is something that he really likes doing. For the longest time I thought he was crazy for staring at lights when we would pass by an accident or calling off the name and brand of a lightbar of a police car we passed going 80 the opposite way on the freeway... but low and behold it is not that he is crazy at all, it is actually turning out into a good business for him. And this whole time... I thought he was nuts, although some call me crazy for using cloth diapers... so I guess to each his own huh? His website will be up soon also and it is

Well, that's about it for now... I think the only other thing on my mind is Top Gun... yea like Top Gun the movie... see I told you I was random. Well, we don't have cable right now so we have been watching all of our DVD's... over and over and over again. So today I put in Top Gun, my all time #1 favorite movie in the world. But why? Why do we love this movie so much. Why do we get so excited in the beginning of the movie... there is something about that music... duh duh duhh... you know the song I am talking about. Funny thing, I noticed at the beginning of the movie it says Indian Ocean, Present Day... LMAO... present day... like I would wear my leather jacket during the summer with the sleeves rolled up. OK, I'm sure there are some other aspects of the movie that show that it is old besides that, and I'm sure my friend Bobby could point them all out to you being that he is a super cool pilot and all. Honestly was rolling up your jacket sleeves cool back in the day? Ugh. She is the only thing in this movie that drives me crazy. Man, I love that movie... I even remember listening to the song (have no idea what the actual name of the song is... bad memory), but you know the one... the one from the love scene... the love scene that drives me crazy because you can see Tom Cruises tongue... gross!!! I used to listen to that song over and over again at my Aunts house when I would go to sleep. Do you remember Jeannie? Man, I love that song, would it be cliche to play it at my wedding? Oh well! OK, enough about Top Gun.

Here's a video of Jake walking last week... he can walk further now, but I don't have any new video of it.

And one of Jake and I at the park, yea, it looks like I am holding him down and forcing him to take the picture, but whatever it is an actual OK one of me for once!

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