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Not too bad!

It has only been a little over a month since I wrote last... not too bad huh? Hahaha! Things are still good here in Tennessee and only getting better. It is finally almost Spring Time!! And you have no idea how excited I am about that. I hate hate hate the cold weather and find myself not even wanting to leave the house when it is cold outside. And yes 50's and low 60's is cold to me. I am a Florida girl, what do you expect? But the dafodils are starting to sprout and that is a sure sign that spring is coming soon. I feel so good when it is warm outside, I feel like I could go all day and I get so much more done when it is warm outside, it is really weird. Not to mention Jake LOVES to be outside so this will be his first real time being able to walk and playing outside and at the parks, so I am really looking forward to the rest of the year... at least until November when it gets cold again, but at least when that time comes it is time for the holiday's again. I think the only months I really hate are January, February and March... even though 2 of my wonderful children were born in February.

Business is still good, sales come and go, but I had some great reviews on my boo boo bumm bumm spray, which (not to sound snotty) I knew were going to be good, there is nothing like good ole raw essential oils to help heal instead of all of these synthetic products we use on and in our bodies now days. I am trying to spend more time working on my website and I will be adding some more new products this month.

We are still living with Mom right now, but hopefully we will find something in May. There is a house right down the street that I like... well the outside at least. It is a really cute old house and still walking distance to Kya's school and Mom's house.

Kya got a horse for her birthday from Nana, his name is General and he is a 4 year old Tennessee Walking horse. He is a great horse and I think Kya is going to learn so much from him. He rides really good too, but he can be a little spunky at times, but it is really just his age.

And Chris and I are doing great, he is still liking his job and of course I am still liking mine being home. I am thinking about opening the shop a few days a week once it gets a little warmer outside though. I did get to work at a local spa this past weekend. It was really nice getting away from the kids for a few hours, I got to put on some more makeup, paint my toes and nails and just be girly for a few hours then Mom and I went to lunch and had buffet and stuffed ourselves. When I got home Rachel thought I looked pretty so she took some pictures of Jake and I. She has such a great eye for pictures. I thought I was good, but Rachel has that different perspective in pictures, I love it.

Well, that is all for now... here are some of those pictures Rachel took... and again... here's to posting more!

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