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My update with the Herbalist...

So some of you know that I went to see an herbalist yesterday to talk about some of the 'issues' that I have going on with my body and as I sit here sipping my green tea (LOL) I just thought I would share some of the things she told me yesterday as I feel quite enlightened... I totally recommend that everyone go and talk to someone like this. She is an herbal nutricionist too and she consulted with me about all kinds of the right foods and diet, I already feel better this morning knowing all of the new things I can do to help myself without taking conventional medicine and all kinds of pills. It was $50 for a 2 hour consult, and I think it was more than worth it.

An herbalist is:[1][2][3]
A person whose life is dedicated to the economic or medicinal uses of plants.
One skilled in the harvesting and collection of medicinal plants (see wildcrafter).
Traditional Chinese herbalist: one who is trained or skilled in the dispensing of herbal prescriptions; traditional Chinese herb doctor. Similarly, Traditional Ayurvedic herbalist: one who is trained or skilled in the dispensing of herbal prescriptions in the Ayurvedic tradition.
One trained or skilled in the therapeutic use of medicinal plants.
An herbalist is a professional trained in herbalism, the use of herbs (also called botanical or crude medicine) to treat others. Professional herbal designations include the following:

From... wikipedia

So now I have started a new diet, she wants me to avoid all estrongen foods... which of course are most of the things we all like... Grains, Dairy, Meats (unless it is free range non-hormone injected meat). I am to start a 2 month no grains diet and avoid as much dairy as possible and drink almond milk (it acutally isn't so bad and they even have it in chocolate milk flavor and Jake loves it). I have been given 5 different supplements to take... for my thyroid, my stress, metabolism, sweet cravings. But I woke up this morning so excited for this new journey in my life and the new Melinda that will come of it. I mean it is only right that I treat my body the right way, I support so much green living in my life and I do nothing but put bad things in my life... time to turn over a new leaf and live a better life. It will be hard no doubt, but it will be worth it in the end and I have a feeling I will feel so much better really soon!

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