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Just checking in...

Well, we had a good week this week, we went to the zoo, went to a playdate and had our best girl Ashlyn over to play. I've been very busy getting my new store open and it is looking good so far, it is just so hard to start something like this, it is constantlly on my mind, what do I need to change, what do I need to add, will this look OK, how am I going to do this? I am a wholeseller for a bunch of companies, but I simply can't sell their products right now because they have a minimum purchase requirement and I can't afford to buy $200 in diapers right now. Ugh. So I'm kind of stuck on that part. I've added a few brands that do not have a minimum purchase requirement so that is nice, but I still feel like I can't compete. I guess I'd feel better if I had 1,000 diapers sitting in the hallway waiting to be sold. LOL. My wipe wash is doing great though, I don't sell a ton, but hey, I get at least one order a week. And another diaper retailer is selling it on her site too..., so we'll see where that takes me. I didn't even think it was anything, I simply started selling the wipe solution that I made for Jake, I mean I love it of course, but I didn't think people would actually buy it from me. Hehe. YEAH!

Kya is good, still doing good in school. She joined the choir and is running for student council. They don't have president and vice president until the 5th grade, but each class gets a classroom rep and that is what she is running for, along with 4 other kids from her class. We are waiting to sign up for soccer, we just havne't gotten a form sent home yet about it, and Chris wants to coach again, so that will be nice. Even though it was frustrating dealing with the kids and parents last season, I loved getting to watch Chris interact with 10 9 year old girls... now that is cute!

Jake is doing great, he is walking even better this week. I think he gets better and more confident everyday. He can walk 10-15 feet now and will just take off walking on his own now with no encouragement. He can't stand up from the sitting position yet, he still has to pull himself up on something to start walking, but I am sure that is coming soon. I can't wait until Halloween when he walks around to the houses. I want to get him this cute little chiken costume that I saw at Old Navy, I thought it was only fitting with his orange hair! Either that or he should be a little Irish man, get him a little kilt and faux bagpipe... LMAO!

And Chris and I are good, he is down in South Texas doing some work this weekend, so we had to miss our weekend with Ryan, but it's what he's got to do right now. His site is up, but hasn't been updated with products or much yet, but hopefully this weekend I will have some time to work on it for him.

Aww, he fell asleep with his turtle...

Jake and Ashlyn at the zoo 9-10-07
He found a butterfly!
He IS a butterfly!

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