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Jake the Jellyfish

black light child costume easy glow Halloween handmade homemade jellyfish ocean quick

This year Jake & I wanted to do something neat for his Halloween costume. After searching online we thought we'd try a jellyfish, it looked super fun & he is a huge ocean critters fan.

We headed out yesterday (yea 2 days before Halloween) & found everything we needed pretty quickly. Came home & put it all together & we couldn't be happier with how it came out. I can't wait to see him walking down the road with his glowing flowing creation.

Materials needed:
-Clear or semi clear umbrella
-Ribbons, yarn, anything dangly that will glow
-Glow in the dark paint
-Mini black lights (I found ours in the dollar section at Target, they are batter operated & are about 6" long)
-Glue gun and/or tape

We painted the inside of the umbrella with glow in the dark paint, let it dry. Cut strips of ribbon, yarn, anything dangly that will glow & hot glue or tape to the edges of the umbrella. Secure the blacklight(s) to the inside of the umbrella & you're done!

Jake the Jellyfish during the day
and at night (this picture doesn't do it justice, it's a lot brighter than this)

 And on Halloween night. We got so many compliments on this costume, it was so much fun!

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