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It's Earth Day 2015 and we're sharing info about us!

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For Earth Day this year we set up a special coupon code, just good for today! Use 'earthday2015' for 20% off your entire order. I also wanted to share some info about our business, what makes us special, what makes us green and why we love it so much.

Earth Day info #1.. Buddha Bunz was started summer of 2007 after the birth of my son Jake. After buying my diapers from a local WAHM I was in love with the fact that she could work from home, doing something she was so passionate about, and every time I came over I would see packages sitting at her door step.. I thought.. how cool is that!! I started off with intentions on being a cloth diaper retailer, but as a DIY Mama it quickly morphed into making my own products. The very first was my wipe solution, wool wash and boo boo bum spray, which were all just products that I used in my own home. Friends tried them and said I should sell them.. so I did! The dream came alive when I joined my first 'congo' Aardvarks In Argyle with a group of friends on Hyena Cart.
Fall of 07 I made my first dryer ball (after seeing an amazing Mama who needle felted her own on DiaperSwappers - Cloth Diapering Community, I just had to give it a try, I made some out of yarn.. one of which I STILL have today.. asked a local sheep farmer if she would sell me some of her wool and she brought me roving, I was like what the heck am I going to do with this! Then the ahh ha moment came and the wool dryer balls that you know and love today were born, and as far as I can tell.. and remember.. Buddha Bunz was the first to bring wool dryer balls to the mass market after that), business took off and from that moment on I could never keep up!
I have had helpers along the way.. Stacey, Melissa, Crystal and my daughter, but for the most part, this business has always been a one lady show. With a tiny footprint, a home office in the dining room, I've always loved the fact that I've been able to provide hundred's of thousands (yes that many!) of dryer balls to people all over the world, out of my tiny little home, with my tiny little hands.
Just goes to show, one dream and some very willing hands can make a difference!

Earth Day info #2.. our business is all about wool.. that's it! One ingredient, just wool. Our wool is sourced from right here in North America. You will never ever receive a dryer ball from us that is sourced from wool from another country and imported. We're all about supporting as locally as possible, and it makes me so very proud that not only are you supporting my family, but you are supporting our wool mill that is also family owned, who supports the local sheep farmers and their families. Plus, I think our wool is pretty darn awesome, it's clean, it's consistent quality, not bleached or over processed. It's right off the sheep, cleaned, carded and put into rolls specifically made just for us!

Earth Day info #3.. do you know what a wool dryer ball is and how it works? I made this nifty YouTube video explaining what they are and how they work. Check it out, you may even find a coupon code hiding there too!

Earth Day info #4.. did you know our dryer balls ( even colored and even) are cloth diaper safe? That's why I started making them in the first place! My poor goodmama diapers were getting crunchy and I had to find a way to make them soft again. Wool dryer balls to the rescue!!

Since I've been making my wool dryer balls they've been sold and used by thousands and thousands of cloth diapering families and even sold and tried out and approved by most of the top cloth diaper manu...facturers including bumGenius, FuzziBunz Cloth Diapers and more, and cloth diaper detergent makers like Rockin' Green Soap, Eco Nuts™, The Laundry Tarts just to name a few, and sold by some of the top cloth diaper retailers like Kelly's Closet,, Lil' Tulip's, Go Baby Go and hundreds others. To say we've been in good cloth diapering company and expertise is an understatement, and they all approve.

So proud of this little business and the places it has been and the cloth diapers we've helped soften.

Earth Day info #5.. using wool dryer balls eliminates the need for liquid fabric softeners and dryer sheets. These products are filled with harmful unnecessary ingredients that you can cut out of your home with one quick and easy step.. wool dryer balls!

Why fill your laundry and the things that touch your precious family's skin with something so unhealthy. Your skin is your largest organ and the opening to let things into your body. Protect it.
Not to mention the money you will save by not having to buy these products, added on top of the money you will be saving in the reduced dry time. 1 dryer ball costs about as much as one bottle of fabric softeners or 2 boxes of dryer sheets, but you'll recoup it in no time!

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