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I just can't get the swing of this...

catching up

blogging thing. I tell myself to do it... then I forget... ahh... I guess I just need to come to terms that I am infact... not a good blogger. Ack! It doesn't help that I am back at work full time now and I can't even log into blogger from the normal internet connection we have, I have to remote log in and it is dial-up slow and plainful... BUT... if I want to blog, I must do it because we all know I have no time at home anymore.

I think I already shared this... but oh well...I am back at work full time working for a company called RWD Technologies, we are contractors to do training at Continental Corporation... no not the airline, the company that makes the tires, but we don't make tires here, we make radios and internal components for cars. I am the admin person... I am in charge of data entry (whoo hoo) and pretty must whatever they ask me to do. I like my job, it pays well and the hours are great, the only bad things are I have a 35+ mile drive one way and I have to leave my kiddo's. :( Oh how I miss them when I am at work. Yes I don't get to see Kya because she is at school all day anyway, but I still miss being able to be there for her when she needed me, being able to volunteer at her school and coming to class parties and be there when she gets home. And Jake... I don't even like thinking about why I don't like being away from him. :( :( :( It has been 7 months now and I still hate it everytime I leave him. OK... hate is a strong word, I love the girls that he has stayed with, they are all super sweet, all Mom's from my playgroup that are SAHM's and live close to where I work and that take great care of him and even use his cloth diapers, and even though it has gotten a little better after 7 months I still hate leaving him in the mornings. Friday he brought me to tears when I was walking out the door and he looked at me and said 'bye bye Mama' in the sweetiest voice I have ever heard. I just want to be home being snuggily with him all day long. But the money is worth it... I guess... or at least I've tried to convince myself of that, and one day we will be out of debt.

We have been a busy family though, Kya is finishing up her soccer season this weekend with a tournament, she is also a cheerleader at her school, so just between those 2 sports we had some kind of game or practice 6 days a week. Then we have the fire department, Chris is much more involved with the FC than I am, always installing something, fixing something, or going to a call, but he loves it... and I have never seen him move so fast as when our radio's go off. We are eagerly looking forward to fire academy school coming up and for him also first responders class in January. And on top of all of that my business Buddha Bunz has taken off! What a blessing that has been. I started making wool dryer balls and whaalaa... a booming business! We hope that soon I will be able to quit my full time job and go back go being home and working on Buddha Bunz full time, we are almost there, but are being weary of making a jump before we are financially ready. So we are trying to do it smart and I spend every extra waking minute working on my business. And as if that wasn't enough on top of it all my doctor put me on prometrium, a hormone, to try and regulate my cycles because I have gone all wacky. The lasy 2 being 55 days and 50 days. Ack! If I ever want to have another baby I have to figure out what is going on with me. We 'think' it is my thyroid, but I will not find out for sure until I see the endocrinologist in December. So pray for me that they will find out what is going on with me and I will feel all better, because I am sooo tired, so not motivated and at times kind of depressed so I need some kind of magic pill I guess. LOL.

Till next time (hopefully soon)...

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