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Fail... take #... ?

So I guess I really do stink at this blogging thing... bah... so it's January 5th... here's to starting this blog over again... for the... 10th time? I don't know... I lost count!

Quick recap of the past year?

~Kya turned 11
~Jake turned 3
~I turned 28
~Chris turned gasp... 33! LOL
~Made it through fire school
~Attending EMT-IV school at Motlow State (graduate in May)
~business is doing great, added a ton of new retailers!
~Living life out here in TN and loving it!
~And... FINALLY got engaged!!

So yes, ending with that last note, since the moment happened I have been totally consumed with wedding thoughts... my dreams every night have been about the wedding, my thoughts during the day constantly turn back to the big day. I hear it will fade in a few weeks, which I am sure it will... but hey if I keep it up at this pace I should manage to have a pretty awesome wedding day with all of this planning!

And yes, this blog will probably turn in to a huge place for me to vent all of my wedding info, kids stuff, business stuff and just everyday ramblings that seem to spew out of my head at any given time... so deal. ;)

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