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Elk River Homemakers Club

Yup... you betcha... I am a member... and very proud of it! Once a month the Elk River Homemakers club gets together in Elkton Tennessee for chat, good deeds, great eats and wonderful company.

I love my girls, they all tease me because I am the youngest member... by about 20 years... but I love each and every one of them. These women are who and what I want to be... they are strong, Christian women, they can bake, they can cook, they can raise 10 kids and take care of a hardworking man and still put a smile on their face everyday. Most of them were raised in the area on farms... cotton... soybean... corn... some had no running water or restrooms... most didn't come from much, but let me tell you... each of these ladies is rich beyond anything I could dream of... rich with spirit and joy and faith! They don't call this the Biblebelt for nothing folks... you can feel the spirit here... it is all around you, you can't help but feel the love and faith.

They laugh about leaving soon and the big man knocking on their door... but I tell them they aren't going anywhere... if they leave I will have no friends here! Haha!

I so look forward to the 2nd Tuesday of the month, because this is when I get to see my girls. I get great tips, recipes, information, and lots of love and friendship. I can only hope that one day I will be just like you all and I know with your guidance I will be there soon. And maybe one day I will be the oldest member of the club and I can make you all proud!

Watch our for us in your community, we are always doing something good. I think coming soon is the Elkton anniversary celebration where we will have a booth and I am sure lots of yummy things for sale!

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