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Yes WOW I am on a roll... post #3 for the day!

Just a few details I wanted to get on here while I was thinking of it...

Wedding date:
May 14th 2011

Southern Vintage

Not sure yet... Spring... greens, pinks, orange, yellow, purple...

Again not sure yet... thinking of a few different places like the Riverbend Event Center in Fayetteville or a farm... Chris wants to just drive around and find a pretty spot and then ask the homeowners if we can have it there... ??... or my Aunt also volunteered her farm too! And it is also up in the air at this point if it will be here in TN or in TX... if it is in TN we will have an after party in San Antonio and vise versa...

Ceremony Music:
Steven Todd Miller (harp)
David Boling (Uillean Pipes)

Made by my wonderful Aunt Martha... not sure about the wedding cake, but a fire engine grooms cake...

Chris says BBQ!

As far as I can think everything else is up in the air... LOL, but not too bad for 2 weeks of planning! I have lots of other idea's going on though... from arriving (and/or) driving away in the fire engine, favors, photo booth... I could go on and on! And all at the same time I am going to try and make this wedding as green and eco friendly as I possibly can. It means a lot to me not to make waste that I do not need to make.

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