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2021.. the big picture.


2021.. the big picture.

2021- I won’t fill you up with expectations that you may not be able to meet. I won’t hold you up to a standard that you may not be able to live up to. It’s not your fault. Everyone is expecting YOU to be different, but 2020 taught me so many new things- about the world, people, friends, family, health, wealth, the government, business and myself. I finally let myself embrace the things that make ME happy in 2020 and I hope that 2021 brings the same. I want to continue to live with grace in my heart and in every step I take. I want to see the small things of beauty in the world. The sounds. The smells. The cold and the warmth. The beauty of a rainbow in a crystal or a new leaf on a plant. To see how we are all connected and woven of the same energy. To give of myself when my vibrations are high and not be afraid to ask for help when I need my tank filled. I hope to continue to seek friendships and smiling faces (masks hiding them and all). I hope to get out, even if it’s just in my own backyard to feel the wind on my face. I’m not going to set an unrealistic expectation on myself or others and just know that as long as I keep trying my best that I will be exactly where I am supposed to be. 

Cheers 2021 let’s do this! 

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