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2010 Garden!

I thought I would do a seperate post about our 2010 garden so far.. we started last weekend and got our seeds started in the little seed starters.. very exciting for me and little J. So far we've got 2 types of corn, okra, watermelon, carrots, sunflowers, purple flowers (I can't remember the name sorry LOL), and pumpkins. I think we will expand the garden a little this year and do smaller things up close to the house where our garden was last year and large things like the corn, pumpkins, watermelon that will need more room out in the back of the yard.. we don't use that space anyway!

I also want to do a butterfly garden this year. I found this neat site that shows you the types of butterfly's down to the county you live in so you know exactly what to plant in your yard to get the most butterflys! Check it out here.. Although I think I may let my daughter take over that project because she really wants a special place to plant things on her own.

Maybe I am just overly excited about the warm weather (it is 65 here in TN right now), but I am almost antsy sitting here waiting to get my hands dirty out in the yard and in the garden.. and yes with composting and worms (see post below).. WELCOME SPRING!!

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