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Dryer Balls, Art and My Heart

The expectations of self care

Mamas.. and Dads.. I came across an article today that really struck me.. stop for a second and read it here.. THIS is why I have been getting on FB and IG and doing random videos of my life.. this is why I share.. this is why I want you to see me.. this is what we need more of..real life. Self care is amazing, self care is something I just recently learned to do.. and it helps, it does, but...

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In all transparency..

This Mama struggles.. do you? Please tell me I'm not alone here.

Sometimes I wonder if it's postpartum depression, sometimes I wonder if I have a problem with anxiety, maybe it's from having my thyroid removed. But maybe it's just all of the pressure I put on myself.. 3 businesses, 5 littles, a husband, a house, a dog, the car, my health, dinner, PTA, friends, self care.. it all just gets to be so...

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Living YOUR best life.

I was perusing Instagram the other day and came across an old friend from high schools picture. This picture brought me to his page where his pictures were amazing, photos from all over the world, photos of an amazing life. Perfectly set up, perfect backgrounds, just the pictures that make you instantly feel in awe and want to pin on your Pinterest page for that trip that you will take one day or...

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Just a little dreaming

dream glow goals Motivation rise

What are your dreams? What are your big goals? Share with me. I want to know more about YOU. What is holding you back? What stops you from reaching for it? Get it out. Maybe talking about it today can be a step forward for both of us.

My dreams? I'm not going to lie, I feel like I am already living part of my dream and goal in life. Yes yes beyond just being a Mama, that's a given. I was blessed...

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Embracing the mess

bible journaling encouragement hand lettering life watercolors

This morning I got out my watercolors and paper and pulled up today's verse for the 30 days of Bible lettering challenge,  Isaiah 43:2. All I knew was I wanted it to have a water look to it. I covered the page in water and just started. I thought hmm.. a wave here, and here, nope, that just looks like a blob, whatever just keep going, but I really don't think I'm going to like this.

Then I just...

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